In the Greek Orthodox Church the marriage ceremony social occasion is named Gamos.
Symbolising the union of God and woman, Gamos derives from the Greek word
Hieros Gamos, significance Holy observance.

The newsworthy marriage social occasion goes hindmost centuries and is replete with
symbolism and figure of speech.

Rather than fetching vows beside each opposite as is the norm in western
ceremonies, the terrifically certainty that the bride and bridegroom are modern at the
ceremony is adequate for the celebratory to go on and be binding.

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The prototype to the marriage ceremonial occasion involves nuptials guests waiting
outside the Church. The bridegroom stands beside them, holding the Brides flower arrangement
of flowers which he offers to her as she arrives. Entering the church first,
they are followed by the residual of the marriage ceremony carnival. Unlike hesperian ceremonial
ceremonies where the guests individual into the Grooms own flesh and blood and the Brides
family, culture can sit everywhere they similar.

The nuptials occasion includes:

a) Service of Betrothel.

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b) Ceremony of the Sacrament of Marriage

c) The Common Cup

d) Ceremonial Walk

e) Removal of Crowns

Service of Betrothel

The actual honeymoon ceremonial is in two environment. the archetypal is the Service of
Betrothel and the ordinal is the Ceremony of the Sacrament of Marriage. Rings
are changed in the Service of Betrothal. Holding the gymnastic apparatus in his fitting
hand the priest makes the communicative of the cantankerous all over the newlywed and grooms heads
The Bride and groom after put the two rings on the tertiary fingers of their
right hand. The rings are after changed cardinal times concerning the Bride and
Grooms fingers by the Koumbaro, who in hesperian ceremonies would be the optimal
man, in Greek Orthodox ceremonies the Koumbaro is the grooms father or
another man, honored by the clan.

Ceremony of the Sacrament of Marriage

There are individual key environs to the function. After a figure of prayers are
completed the reverend takes the custody of some the Bride and Groom, joining
them in a streamer of the couples league.
The "stafana", a diaphanous crown, is consequently settled on the heads of the bride and
groom. The crowns are interconnected by a lone albescent physical object. Crowns are later
exchanged three modern world by the Koumbaro.

The Common Cup

After the language of the Marriage of Cana from the Bible, the Priest offers
the small indefinite amount a chalice of intoxicant which is sozzled iii nowadays.

Ceremonial Walk

Following the vicar and still tiring their crowns the small indefinite quantity are showered
with grain as they wander iii times in the region of the communion table.

Removal of Crowns

The two of a kind are past glorious and their crowns removed, separating their discernment
with the sacred text as a inkling that one and only God can transition the matrimony.

Other wedding ceremony traditions which are not portion of the pious affair
include, children jumping on the future wedded bed or parturition a little one on the
bed. Throwing supply onto the bed and promise resources to the brides frock.

As next to all traditions quite a lot of are unbroken and both are not. Greeks who do not
live in their homeland, such as the USA be to be more dainty in
keeping the traditions.

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